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“Dare we dub him the Latin Hendrix?! Torrez, is a guitar wizard … ranges from Flamenco mastery to hot rock. The fastest fingers in the West, a massive talent poised to break out and kiss the sky.”

~The Seattle Times


“Omar Torrez, who kept his utterly delightful nastiness buried previously, started ‘All the World is Green’ with a dexterous Spanish guitar intro.”

~ Billboard


“Omar Torrez’s lysergic Latin guitar fluttered like a Bossa Nova hummingbird, a neon Andres Segovia, runs punctuated with Bill Frissel sustains and Hendrix air-raid siren chords.”

~ Flagstaff Live


“Omar Torrez is one of the most unique and talented emerging artists on the global music scene today.”

~ Peter Rafelson, Music Producer (Multi-platinum – Madonna, Lady Gaga, Stevie Nicks, The Go-Gos).


“His new album, A Night Of Serious Drinking is nothing less than stellar – a must for people who care about real music!”

~ Peter Rafelson, Music Producer (Multi-platinum – Madonna, Lady Gaga, Stevie Nicks, The Go-Gos).


“Omar Torrez is crossing many borders and establishing many unlikely links – between classical and pop, virtuoso and hot swinging, Latin and blues, European and American, sexy and pure… and doing all this with style.”

~Artemy Troitsky, world-renowned music critic and member of World Music Consortium


“… one of the most creative and gifted young guitarists I have had the pleasure of working with.  His dynamic approach pushes the boundariesof the acoustic guitar into a whole new realm.”

~Del Breckenfeld, Director, Entertainment Marketing, Fender Musical Instruments Corp.


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Omar Torrez


Photographer – Rafael Serrano



Photographer – Dean Zulich